This is the area where you upload your completed work for summative assessment.

Work is submitted via 'Turn it in'. Each assignment portal will advise you on; Submission opening date (Earliest date you can upload work)submission deadline date (Latest date you can upload work) and post date (Date upon which grades will be published after marking. All grades will be posted at midday) 

All work must be typed using Microsoft Word. Images can be incorporated into your word document but mathematical formula must be typed using the 'insert equation' function. Help on this is available if required.

All work must be referenced and must conform to Harvard referencing unless advised otherwise by your tutor or awarding body.

Do not submit hand written work that has been scanned in. This will be rejected, you will be awarded a fail/refer grade and you may not be offered the opportunity of resubmission.

Important. All work will be subject to a plagiarism check by 'Turn it in'. Please consult the plagiarism policy for full details. By Submitting work into the Assessment Submission Centre you agree to the terms and conditions of the college plagiarism policy. Plagiarism if fraud. If you are found to have committed plagiarism you will be subject to college disciplinary action and we will not hesitate to contact employers, awarding bodies and Student Finance England. Your place here at Stephenson College could lost as a direct result, you could find difficulties in financing your course and your ability to secure future university places could be affected also.

Important. Please ensure you are fully aware of the electronic hand in dates for each assignment. No work can to be submitted after the electronic deadlines have passed. The system will lock the entry portal. During the marking phase, missing work will be awarded a fail/refer grade and you will not be offered the opportunity of resubmission if studying under the regulated qualifications framework (RQF). Late submission of work will be allowed via the late submission portal, only if you are in receipt of a college extension certificate after following the college Exceptional circumstances policy.

Important. Applications for extensions due to exceptional circumstances will not be accepted after electronic deadlines have passed. Please consult the exceptional circumstances policy.

Note. All grades posted from 'Turn it in' are subject to ratification at the HE Board of study and are not final. They may be subject to internal and/or external verification which could lead to a reduction or improvement of the grade posted. After each exam board, final grades will be posted in Markbook and your marked work, including feedback will be available via your personal Turn it in portal. No grades or feedback will be provided by any other media. Emails requesting grades will be rejected

Note. Once work has ben returned with grade and feedback, Apprentices are expected to upload marked/returned work from 'Turn it in' into their Onefile portfolio. This is to ensure that the evidence required to satisfy your apprenticeship framework/standard is stored in the correct electronic environment for the duration of your apprenticeship.


If you have applied for, and successfully been given extenuating circumstances, Please submit your work here.

Note. Ensure that you also advise your tutor and section head via email that you have uploaded your work and it is ready to be marked. There is a risk that your work could sit in this folder and Tutors will not know it is there if you do not provide this advice.