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Ancient to Modern Theories

Applied Arts Quiz

Arts Development Officers

Artwork Development - Ideas and Inspiration

Case study - Arts Development Officer

Case study - Creating Cross-Media Work and Running an arts business

Case study - Entrepreneurial product design

Case study - Following a textile design brief 

Case study - Preparing for a career in graphic design

Case study - Starting out in a multimedia design

Case study - Studio and design assistant for Paul Smith

Case study - The role of the graphic designer

Case study - Working as a freelance illustrator

Case study - Working as a freelance photographer

Case study - Working as a mechanical sculptor

Case study - Working as a sculptor - materials and technique

Case study - Working as a youth arts co-ordinator

Case study - Working as an interior designer

Collage & Montage Study

Colour - Ancient to modern theories

Colour - Meaning and games

Colour - systems of the twentieth century

COSHH Legislation

Creating 3D

Creating A Landscape

Creating Jewellery from Junk

Creating Vessels

Design Quiz

Developing Drawings into Patterns

Development of an Artwork

Digital image - editing and correcting digital photographs

Digital image - the theory of digital image formation

Drawing With a Brush

Entrepreneurial Product Design

Fashion and textiles quiz

Fine art quiz

Freehand Patterns with Batik

General quiz

Geometry - 2D geometry for art and design

Geometry - 3D geometry for art and design

Graphic design - preparing digital artwork for prints


How to evaluate Artwork

Ideas and inspiration

Following a Textile Design Brief

Interior Designer

Installation - Gallery and site specific

Keeping A Sketchbook

Layout Elements

Lifting & Handling

Looking At Charcoal

Looking At Composition

Looking At Eye Level & Perspectives

Looking At Face & Hands

Looking At Negative Space

Looking At Paint

Looking At Pencils

Looking At Rounded Forms & Ellipses

Looking At Shadows

Looking At Textures

Looking At Tone

Man-Made Forms For Patterns

Meaning and Games

Pen & Ink

Performance art - a living body artwork

Photography - 

exposure control and theory

Photography - Framing and Composition

Photography - Lens characteristics and theory

Photography - Looking at how digital cameras work

Photography - Studio lighting

Photography Quiz

Preparing for a Career in Graphic DesignPresenting Artwork

Printing With Letter Forms

Protective Clothing

Scenario - Making a presentation

Scenario - Practicalities of designing a website

Scenario - Running a community arts project

Scenario - Working to a Design Brief

Screen Printing

Set design Quiz

Starting out in Multimedia design


Stretching paper

Studio and Design Assistant Paul Smith

Systems of the Twentieth Century

Textile Design - Planning a fashion show

Textile Design - Repeat patterns for printing onto fabric

Theatre Design - an introduction to set design

Theatre Design - Creating set designs

Theatre Set Design -Working with Stage Plans

Theory and history Quiz


Typography - Twentieth century timeline

Typography - Using typography to improve readability and legibility

Using & Making A Viewing Grid

Working as a Freelance illustrator

Working as a Freelance Photographer

Working as a Youth Art Co-ordinator

Working as a Interior Designer

Working as a Sculptor Materials and Techniques

Working With Pastels

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